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"I used to freeze up around women I was attracted to. Now the women I'm interested in are often the ones to make the first move."

Hamish Daley
Psychology Student, Auckland

"After my experience with you, I know I'll be able to relate confidently to women for the rest of my life"

Col Barrow
Technical Specialist, Melbourne

"After working with Dave, a woman told me she was drawn in to my energy and wanted to know more about me. I’d never had feedback like that before."

Tom Newell
Business Owner, Sydney

The Empowered Man Promise


We promise that you'll be more successful with women

We promise that you'll make friends with other good men who are just like you.

We promise to challenge you to grow, and not let you hide. 

We promise to be there to help you, every time you ask for it, so that you feel 100% supported in your journey. 

We promise to keep you accountable to your goals

We promise you'll have fun along the way!


Stop being rejected by women

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Hi, I'm Dave

My sex life and romantic life used to be a complete mess.

I was a virgin until my late twenties, due to growing up with a bunch of sexual repression. 

I would shut down in front of women I was attracted to. I felt like the women I really wanted were out of my reach. 

I was your typical "nice guy". Very nice, very lonely and very sexually frustrated.

I sorted it out with a lot of work on myself.

When I finally understood the qualities that amazing women really wanted in a man, I stopped wasting time on anything else. I focused entirely on cultivating these qualities in myself.

I developed a sense of true ease and confidence within myself, that led to me no longer being needy for approval from women I was attracted to. And my romantic life soared as a result. I now help other men do the same. 

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Dave is a Masculine Empowerment Coach with a passion for helping men be more confident and successful with women. 
His personal story is one of growing up with sexual repression, which led to Dave being in a real mess for a while in his sexuality and in the way he was relating to women. 
His struggles drew him to question the traditional models of masculinity he’d grown up with, and to embrace a healthier model that championed men being vulnerable and 100% authentic. 
Dave leads The Empowered Man and works with select private clients both in Australia and internationally.

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