Step Into Your Power


A workshop to help you be more empowered in your relationships with women


2-4 November, 2018, Byron Bay NSW

"After experiencing one of the Empowered Man workshops, I know I'll be able to relate to women confidently for the rest of my life"

Col Barrow, Technical Specialist 

Who is this workshop for?


This workshop will help you to:

Be more relaxed

Be more relaxed and confident in your interactions with women

Understand what she wants

Understand the top 5 things quality women look for in a man

Share your life

Create a relationship with someone you want to share your life with

A group of wonderful women join us for the final workshop day

"This weekend was such a powerful experience for me. I feel so much more in my power and feel a lot of compassion for myself, as well as much more love and appreciation for all the beautiful women in my life."

Tom Newell
Business Owner, Sydney

"Thank you from the depths of my heart! I was able to stand fully in my power again. To the amazing women that gave their time, energy and love to us men to help us grow and become better, I have so much gratitude to you all."

Clinton McCauley
Chiropractor, Adelaide

"Women I'm interested in are now making the first move with me"

Hamish Daley
Psychology Student, Auckland

What will I get out of this workshop?

As a result of attending this workshop you will:

- Be better able to create a relationship with a woman you want to share your life with

- Be more relaxed and confident in your interactions with women

- Get more interest from women in both your online and offline dating life

- Better understand what women want in a man


This workshop is for you if who want to relate to women more confidently.

For the first half of the workshop we'll be working in a "men's only" environment. We move through a range of intensive experiences to uncover what's stopping you from having the romantic life that you want. 

On the Sunday of the workshop, we'll be joined by a group of amazing women. The women work closely with the men through a range of activities. The women give the men constructive and supportive feedback to help them be more successful in their interactions with women. Men come away from these activities with greater confidence in themselves and deeper understanding about what women want. 

Register now at the button below, and take action in this area of your life. 

You'll thank yourself. 




Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th November, 2018

Start 8pm Friday. Finish 6pm Sunday. 

Wybalena Organic Farm, Byron Bay, NSW

Cost: $795

Includes cabin accomodation at Wybalena Organic Farm and catering for the weekend. 

Hi, I'm Dave

My sex life and my romantic life used to be a complete mess.

I was a virgin until my late twenties, due to growing up with a bunch of sexual repression. 

I would shut down in front of women I was attracted to. I felt like the women I really wanted were out of my reach. 

I was your typical "nice guy". Very nice, very lonely and very sexually frustrated.

I sorted it out with a lot of work on myself.

When I finally understood the qualities that amazing women really wanted in a man, I stopped wasting time on anything else. I focused entirely on cultivating these qualities in myself.

I developed a sense of true ease and confidence within myself, that led to women pursuing me rather than the other way around. 

I've now created a healthy and loving relationship with an amazing woman. 

If you're committed, you can create this for yourself too. 

About Dave

Dave McDermott is a Masculine Empowerment Coach with a passion for helping good men be more confident and successful with women. 
His personal story is one of growing up with sexual repression, which led to Dave being in a real mess for a while in his sexuality and in the way he was relating to women. 
His struggles drew him to question the traditional models of masculinity he’d grown up with, and to embrace a healthier model that championed men being vulnerable and 100% authentic. 
Dave leads The Empowered Man program and runs workshops and retreats for men. 

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