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"Women I'm interested in are now making the first move with me"

Workshop attendee

This workshop will help you to:

Be more relaxed

Be more relaxed and confident in your interactions with women

Understand what she wants

Understand the top 5 things quality women look for in a man

Be more successful

Actually live the romantic life you want, rather than it being only a fantasy

A group of amazing women join us for the second half of the workshop!


Thursday 13th October, 2018 

9am to 2.30pm

PULSE BRUNSWICK, Ground Floor, 1 Pitt St, Brunswick

Cost: $25

A group of amazing women will be coming in for the second half of this workshop. The women will be working closely with the men through a series of activities. The activities are designed to help the men attending to be more confident and relaxed with women. 

Tea & coffee will be provided. There are plenty of cafes nearby to visit during the lunch break. 

"When I was attracted to a woman, I used to collapse internally, or run away. Now, women I am interested in have started responding to me. In a couple of cases they have been the ones to make the first move, or to follow up after our first interaction."

Hamish Daley
Psychology Student, Auckland

"I was previously very guarded with letting women in. This experience helped me find and build confidence within myself. Women and others around me have gravitated towards the energy I bring. "

Col Barrow
Technical Specialist, Melbourne

"Working with Dave was really powerful. A woman recently said she was really drawn in to my energy and wanted to know more about me. I’d never had feedback like that before."

Tom Newell
Business Owner, Sydney


Are you spending a lot of time online dating with little to show for it?
Do you struggle to understand what women really want?
Do you get nervous around women you're attracted to?
Maybe you're doing just ok with women, but still don't have the confidence to attract the women you really want
Maybe you're divorced after a long relationship, and struggling to succeed in the dating scene today
Or maybe you've got other challenges going on in your romantic life (or lack thereof)
If you're in any of these situations (or all of them), don't worry, you're normal. 
But this reality can be painful. 
And it can be frustrating to see women going for other men who are being pushy and not treating them well.
There's good news for you. 
You can have the romantic life you want without being pushy or manipulative. 
But you need to understand what women really want in a man. 
There are a five core things that women find FAR more attractive in a man than anything else.
Looks, social status, the size of your bank balance, or how funny you are, do NOT make this list.
These things have attraction at a certain level, but are not what quality women REALLY want in a man.
As a result of attending this workshop you will:
- Be more relaxed and confident in your interactions with women
- More successful in both your online and offline dating life
- Better understand what women want in a man
During this live workshop, Dave will be sharing the five things that women find MOST attractive in a man. 
Dave will be joined in this workshop by a group of amazing women, including his partner Helena Nista, who is one of Australia's leading sex & intimacy coaches. 

Hi, I'm Dave

My sex life and my romantic life used to be a complete mess.

I was a virgin until my late twenties, due to growing up with a bunch of sexual repression. 

I would shut down in front of women I was attracted to. I felt like the women I really wanted were out of my reach. 

I was your typical "nice guy". Very nice, very lonely and very sexually frustrated.

I sorted it out with a lot of work on myself.

When I finally understood the qualities that amazing women really wanted in a man, I stopped wasting time on anything else. I focused entirely on cultivating these qualities in myself.

I developed a sense of true ease and confidence within myself, that led to women pursuing me rather than the other way around. 

I've now created a healthy and loving relationship with an amazing woman.

If you're committed, you can create this for yourself too. 


Dave McDermott is a Masculine Empowerment Coach with a passion for helping good men be more confident and successful with women. 
His personal story is one of growing up with sexual repression, which led to Dave being in a real mess for a while in his sexuality and in the way he was relating to women. 
His struggles drew him to question the traditional models of masculinity he’d grown up with, and to embrace a healthier model that championed men being vulnerable and 100% authentic. 
Dave leads The Empowered Man program and runs workshops and retreats both in Australia and internationally.

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